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יפעת מלאכי - יעוץ וליווי לתזונה חיה וריפוי טבעי

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Live life to the fullest

I’m passionate about being a part of people’s journey to healing and living fully and my goal is to open that door for as many people as possible.

יפעת מתאכי

Yifat Malachi

Raw food educator & consultant for natural healing

I’m a natural health consultant and a qualified raw-food educator. I help people improve their quality of life and general wellbeing using nutrition and lifestyle changes.
I guide and support people throughout healing journeys from various chronic health conditions, including Diabetes and prediabetes, Fibromyalgia, Crohn's, Kolitis, and other conditions. I also guide women through raw vegan pregnancies and breastfeeding.
In addition, I’m an 80/10/10 chef and I co-manage the Israeli 80/10/10 Facebook group with over 33,000 members.
I love having a great community around me, and that’s what drives me to also run raw-food weekend seminars, lectures, and gatherings.
If you’d like guidance and support along your journey, you’re most welcome to contact me, tell me more about your goals and wishes and ask me anything.

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